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10 Things Chicago is Best Known For

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For good reason, Chicago is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States. Chicago is well-known for numerous things, including festivals, music, and culture. This city has so much to see and do that exploring it all would take weeks or perhaps months.

Chicago has something for everyone, whether you’re seeking for superb food, fantastic music, historic architecture, or thrilling sports events. Chicago is distinctive and remarkable for many reasons, including its rich history and lively culture.

Here are some prominent and well-known Chicago attractions.

Chicago Skyscrapers

Chicago has one of the greatest skylines in the United States, with over 1,300 high-rise structures, more than 50 of which exceed 600 feet (183 meters). Willis Tower, the 110-story skyscraper originally known as the Sears Tower, is the city’s highest structure.

The first skyscraper was built in Chicago, the Home Insurance Building, which opened in 1885. The steel-frame technique of skyscraper construction began in Chicago. Skyscrapers were not always as we know them; in the nineteenth century, skyscraper constructions were described as steel-framed structures with at least ten stories. Skyscrapers are now classified as being at least 492 feet (150 meters) tall.

Windy City

If you’ve ever wondered how Chicago gained its famous moniker, Windy City, here’s the long and short of it. Because the city isn’t the windiest in the country, many people have puzzled where the name comes from.

According to, the most likely origins of the term is the frigid air that blows from Lake Michigan onto the streets of Chicago, albeit there is no definite source for this feature. Another noteworthy example of Windy City is the use of the term in the newspapers Chicago Tribune and The Cincinnati Enquirer during the 1860s and 1870s rivalry between Chicago and Cincinnati.

To this day, no one knows the actual origin of the term, but Chicago proudly wears it!

Neapolitan pizza

The divine gift of deep-dish pizza is maybe one of the nicest things to ever come from Chicago that we can all agree on. This pizza is cooked on a high-edge pan, which allows for more cheese and chunky tomatoes. It may seem and feel sloppy, yet it is one of the most wonderful dishes you will ever eat. Cultural historians say that there aren’t enough evidence on who and where deep-dish pizza originated in Chicago, despite rumors claiming Pizzeria Uno pioneered the dish in 1943. But we can all agree that whomever created this delicious pizza deserves our eternal gratitude!

Food event Taste of Chicago

Let’s start with something for the foodies. The Taste of Chicago food festival is the world’s biggest culinary event. The event, which takes place in Grant Park for five days each July, celebrates Chicago’s cuisine with a variety of exhibitors. It has been open since 1980 and allows tourists to enjoy regional and international cuisine. Try a traditional Chicago deep-dish pizza or a unique ethnic meal. There’s plenty more to do than simply eat. Live music, art events, and cuisine demos are all free. The only problem will be fitting everything into your tummy!

Jay Pritzker Pavilion outdoor concert

The Jay Pritzker Pavilion is a bandshell in Chicago’s well-known Millennium Park. The bandshell was built by famous architect Frank Gehry and debuted in 2004. The Grant Park Symphony Orchestra and Chorus perform in the Pavilion, as does the Grant Park Music Festival, America’s last free outdoor classical music event. There is, however, more than only classical music performed there. From Tori Amos to the Decemberists, mainstream artists have graced the stage. The majority of concerts are free of charge, and all rehearsals are accessible to the public. It’s a great spot to listen to music if you like it.

Millennium Park’s Cloud Gate

If we’re talking about what Chicago is renowned for, we should include this famous sculpture. The Cloud Gate sculpture is another well-known feature of Millennium Park. Sir Anish Kapoor produced this artwork, which was finished in 2006. Because of its bean-like form, it’s arguably best known by its moniker, the bean. It is now one of Chicago’s most well-known landmarks. Visitors throng around the artwork, drawn attracted by its gleaming, mirrored surface. It’s the ideal location for a selfie to memorialize your vacation to Chicago. The artist enjoys creating visually spectacular products in an urban setting that provide viewers with a transforming experience.

Navy Pier

Navy Pier is a well-known landmark in Chicago and a popular tourist attraction. This pier on Lake Michigan in the Streeterville neighborhood was built in 1916. It makes for a wonderful day out with lots of activities. There are rides to enjoy if you prefer theme parks, such as a carousel and a funhouse labyrinth. You may see a play or see a movie at the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre, which is situated on the pier. Art exhibits, boutiques, cafés, and the Chicago Children’s Museum are all located on the pier. The Ferris wheel, one of its most renowned attractions, was recently replaced with a fresh new model. Navy Pier is a terrific place to spend a day with much to do and beautiful views of Lake Michigan.

Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field is probably recognizable to sports lovers. This baseball facility, was opened in 1914, is home to the Chicago Cubs, one of the city’s two Major League Baseball clubs. This iconic object in Chicago is remarkable for its ivy-covered walls, Art Deco marquee, and hand-turned scoreboard. It is one of the oldest baseball stadiums in the country. Of course, it’s the place to go if you want to enjoy the wonderful American tradition of attending a baseball game. However, the park also hosts live performances, so music aficionados will like this site as well. Wrigley Park and its neighboring neighborhood Wrigleyville come alive during a baseball game, so if you like sports, you won’t want to miss a game while you’re in town.

Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park is a thriving neighborhood on Chicago’s north side. Lincoln Park is the location of, well, Lincoln Park, Chicago’s biggest park on Lake Michigan. Great pubs and restaurants, live music venues, the Lincoln Park Zoo, and the Chicago History Museum are all located in this tree-lined area. Alinea, acclaimed as Chicago’s top restaurant, features an ever-changing menu that foodies will want to explore. There’s lots of shopping to be done in the area, so stop by Dave’s Records to pick up some vinyl or Bluemercury to get high-end beauty goods. Lincoln Park is the ideal spot to roam at your leisure, pausing at whatever appeals to you.

The Chicago Loop

The Loop is a thriving commercial sector in the heart of downtown Chicago. It has high-rise buildings, stores, restaurants, and parks. If you want to experience some culture, you may visit the Art Institute of Chicago or witness a live performance at the Chicago Theatre. If the weather is great and you want to get some fresh air, go to Grant Park or Millennium Park. If you’re a gourmet, you can savor high-end French cuisine at Everest or the comfort of pub grub at The Gage. There’s enough to keep you engaged in The Loop, so take your time going around and enjoying the neighborhood.

Garfield Park Conservatory

The Garfield Park Conservatory is one of the country’s biggest conservatories. It is located in Garfield Park on Chicago’s West Side and displays plants from all around the world. Its creation was a partnership between architects, engineers, and sculptors in the early 1900s, and its shape is designed to replicate haystacks prevalent in the Midwest. There’s lots of greenery to discover here, including the Palm House, Fern Room, and Desert House. There are also gardens to explore outside. This well-known Chicago attraction is ideal for plant enthusiasts and lets everyone to appreciate the beauty of nature.

The Chicago Riverwalk

The Chicago Riverwalk begins at the DuSable Bridge.

Let’s round up our list with the Chicago Riverwalk, a pedestrian-only area along the Chicago River in downtown Chicago. There are several eateries, rest stops, and places to enjoy the river in the neighborhood. Rent a kayak from Urban Kayaks and take in the sights of Chicago from the river. If you like fishing, go to the fishing pier and throw your line—just remember to purchase a fishing license beforehand. There’s a lot of public art on exhibit, so keep your eyes peeled as you walk down the Riverwalk. When you’ve worked up an appetite, there’s no shortage of places to pick from. For tropical delicacies, visit Island Party Hut, or savor a steak at Chicago Cut Steakhouse.

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